The Believers
Press Pictorial


The Believers perform their songs New (R)evolution, People Let's Stop The War and Peace Around The World at the Federal Building in Westwood, California in support of Veterans For Peace at the L.A. Not In Our Name protest rally concert in front of fans, protesters, veterans, media, Los Angeles Police and Sheriff officers alike.


Believer Brad Stanfield with actor/activist Danny Glover, Ron Kovic, and fellow Believer Periel Stanfield bond backstage after another intense downtown street march and protest rally concert.


Believers Periel and Brad Stanfield at the edge of the
San Francisco Civic Center stage, belting out the
chorus of their CD's title cut, "New Revolution" while
the crowd sings along. Pacifica's KPFA-FM was there
broadcasting the event.


San Francisco. A view from the stage - Thousands of peace fans sing along with The Believers during their acoustic set of peace, love and anti-war songs (played on KPFA-FM) at the San Francisco Civic Center march/rally concerts.

The Believers shared the outdoor stage with fellow songwriter Michelle Shocked,  Code Pink, Radical Cheerleaders after thousands marched on L.A.'s CNN building just prior to Michael Moore's Oscar speech.


The Believers' Point Of View: From the main stage at the famous intersection of Hollywood and Highland during the A.N.S.W.E.R. peace march rallies where tens of thousands of protesters enjoy Brad and Periel's anti-war anthems People, Let's Stop The War, Peace Around The World and New (R)evolution, just after riveting speeches by Veteran/author Ron Kovic (Born On The 4th Of July) and Congressman Dennis Kucinich


Thousands gather for the festivities while KPFK broadcasts the events

Ron Kovic speaks out to thousands of war veterans who also marched.

Dennis Kucinich encourages the crowds to keep striving for peace

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